Employee Engagement

Our employees gain from working in a family environment. We aim to create an inviting and nurturing workplace by caring and supporting each and every employee.

Employment philosophy

to conduct our business with integrity and efficiency while providing excellent compensation benefits and training to our employees, job enrichment and developing our human capital, as they form an integral component of the Company’s achievements.


Currently, employees have more option than ever before. They demand a new value proposition that allows them greater career support, flexibility to manage their work and more opportunities to develope their skills.

Westports’ HR champions are mindful of all these challenging demands so we maintain our viability in the talent ecosystem. HR champions are executives and managers from various departments who act as mediators between the management and employees. Monthly dialogue sessions are held to encourage two-way communications between the management and employees. Employees are updated on the Company’s performance during these sessions and are encouraged to raise any issues they are facing at work.

The Mentor Committee has recently initiated the ‘Effective Penghulu Programme (EPP)’ to help Penghulus re-orientate the conversation. The EPP also aims to rectify overdependence on communications technology such as WhatsApp and SMS. These technologies erode ‘face-time’, which in turn diminishes the fundamental currency of the Penghulu Programme, ‘TRUST’.

The Penghulu Programme: Pivoting to a New Paradigm

Westports’ Direct Feedback mechanism is the brainchild of Tan Sri Datuk G. Gnanalingam. Since its humble beginning in 2011, it has helped build relationships through dialogue and engagement.

A familial/communal concept of the Village Headman has been incorporated into operations. The colloquially elegant, yet pragmatic framework solicits quick and unfiltered feedback from the workforce. This invaluable information has helped mitigate or even eliminate many operational or employee well-being issues.

Penghulu, comprising executives and managers, is responsible for sounding boards. They help Penghulu manage people dynamics, which may be complicated.

Guided by a Mentor Committee, Penghulu hold monthly informal meeting with their charges to discuss pertinent group-level events at the ground level. Face-to-face time with Penghulu is important as equipment operators and other wharf-side employees do not have means of communication such as e-mail. Penghulus collate and submit this feedback to the Chairman.


a. Communications Day/Clash Day: this is another communication channel. The following is conducted every month for our operation staff and for non-operations staff, it will be conducted very quarter. During this event, staff will be updated with new update with new updates in regards to the company.

b. Family Day conducted annually. As our operations is 24/7, we will have few groups for our Family Day. For the past few years, we have our Family Day at Sunway Lagoon Resorts. 

c. Singles Night (2018) – event which is organised for those still single. The event coordinated by our staff, performance is also by our staff.

d. Sports – The focus on better productivity for a company dwells in the well-being of its employees, both physically and mentally. Westports recognises the value of sports in developing and bringing out the best in our people, bonding our communities as “One Team”. In order to ensure the best performance, fitness and teamwork, Westports has actively promoted sports and recreational activities for its employees. Sports and recreational activities are managed by our Sports Committee. The Committee consists of employees from various departments. Annual programmes and inter-departmental events are organised by the Committee.

Annual Programme and Inter-departmental Games Organised by Westports’ Sports Committee

Fun Ride in 2019

Mr Westports (2018)

e. Department Outing – Ex: Marketing Department in Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam.

f. Open house: Festivals (Hari Raya 2019).

g. Department Celebration (Container Operations): Hari Prestasi 2019.

Department Celebration (Marketing):