Marine Facilities

Significant Time Gain For Ships

Save up to 5 hours in booking, berthing and sailing. We only require 1 hour notice from Pintu Gedung and 2 hours notice from Pulau Angsa. With the expansion of Westports’s terminal operations, infrastructure developments and increasing ship calls, we ensure our customers the efficiency and safe movement of vessels within the Port Klang waterways or Port Klang Pilotage District.


Cruise ships must use Port Klang Anchorage (DWP) and the Glenn Cruise Passenger Jetty to launch landings. Deep water anchorage may be obtained anywhere in the north part of Selat Klang Utara in convenient depths, mud and sand. A recommended anchorage is about 0.5NM East of Pilot Boarding Ground in position 03°11.2’N 101°13′, Bearing 207°T, Distance 0.9NM where depth of between 15-22m are available. It is prohibited from anchoring between the Pilot Boarding Ground and entrance to North Channel.

For South Channel, recommended anchorage Point is SE and SW of South Fairway Buoy. However vessels are prohibited from anchoring within 1NM radius of the South Fairway Buoy.

Port Limits

Northern Limit

Lat 03°07’4″N Long 101°16’8″E

Southern Limit

Lat 02°50’20″N Long 101° 15′ 03″E

Pilotage Limits Northern Limit

Northern Limit

(All navigable waters South of Batu Penyu Beacon)Lat 03° 13. 47’N Long 101° 10.54’E

Southern Limit

(All Navigable waters North of South Fairway Buoy)Lat 02° 50.20’N Long 101° 14.00’E

Sea buoys, Fairways & Channels

The Controlling depths in the approach channels are:

Selat Kelang Utara (N Channel)

11.3m at the NW end of dredged channel (03°11.6’N 101°13.4’E) over a width of 365 metres.

Selat Kelang Selatan (S Channel)

dredged to a depth of 18m over a width of 500m.

Principal Navigation Aids

Major lights when approaching Selat Klang Utara:

  • Kuala Selangor Lighthouse (white round metal tower on masonry base, 73m in height) (03°20.5’N 101°14.7’E), conspicuous, standing on Bukit Selangor, 40m high.
  • Pulau Angsa Lighthouse (white round tower, 36m in height) (03°11.2’N 101°10.6’E), which is conspicuous on Pulau Angsa, with Pulau Selatan close S 38m and 32m high respectively.

Major lights when approaching Selat Klang Selatan:

  • Bukit Jugra Light (white column, 146m in height) (02°50.1’N 101°25.7’E), 0.5nm SW of the summit.
  • Tanjung Rhu beacon (02°50.4’N 101°16.8’E) White round GRP tower on piled platform Fl(2).5s.

Leading lights to Selat Klang Selatan:

  • Tg Mahang Lights, (leading lights, Lat 02°54.9’N 101°16.02’E)::
  • Front: Front: Q.18m.10M, Rear Iso.R.4s25m.8M
  • Charts: BA 3453, 2152, 2153, 2155. Admiralty Pilot NP44.