Westports is gazetted as an Essential Point – Priority 1 by Government of Malaysia.

Therefore, those who wanted to carry out official duties at Westports are required to have a valid legal pass as it’s a requirement under Section 4 & 5, Protected Area and Protected Places Act 1959 and Section 84(1) Port Kelang Authority by-Laws (amendments 1985).

A person who wished to enter the port area should have a port-authorised identification card, called a Port Pass. To get a Port Pass, people need to register their company with Westports. Once a person has been registered, then the individual could follow the next procedure to apply for the Port Pass.

When applying for the Port Pass, a person should present himself at the Port Pass office with their original identification documents for verification purposes. Company Permit/Port Pass and Vehicle Sticker can be done though online system – Westports Security System (WSS)”


Port pass schedule:

  • Monday to Friday: 8:45AM – 5:15PM
  • Close on Saturday, Sunday and public Holiday

Vehicle pass:

Inside port pass application module – applicant must have:

  • Port pass still valid
  • Valid driving license D for car, B for motorcycle.
  • Attach driving license, insurance Cover Note, Road Tax.
Person In Charge :
Insp Muhammad Kazim Bin Ibrahim
(03 -3169 4153 ext : 141)
Insp Muhammad Effendy Bin Rasid
(03 -3169 4153 ext : 145)
Port Pass Office;

603 - 3169 4000 ext. 137

For information, please email to:

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