As an organization, Westports is passionate about its people especially with regards to creating employee satisfaction. However it does not only stop there as Westports is not only centered to its employees but also the community surrounding the port. To-date, Westports is proud to claim that one of our accomplishments is fulfilling our social corporate social responsibility towards Pulau Indah Islands, which Westports is operating on.

Westports extremely active in CSR activities. Each department in Westports will have area of responsible that they need to manage. Example, Human Resource will take charge of people development. This has been translated the department effort in developing human capital aspect toward the students in Pulau Indah. Meanwhile, for engineering department, they are actively in helping the resident in Pulau Indah in repairing houses for the unfortunate family, educate the technical subject to the students etc. Our Port Police also in in charge of the crime prevention at Pulau Indah, traffic management etc.