Westports Malaysia is excited to announce that we are actively exploring the feasibility of incorporating electric Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) into our future terminal expansion plans. We cordially invite all reputable manufacturers and suppliers specializing in electric AGVs to submit a comprehensive proposal.

Key Proposal Requirements:

  1. Electric AGV System: Please provide detailed specifications of your Electric AGV system, including capacity, navigation capabilities, safety features, and integration potential with our existing infrastructure.
  2. Automated Charging Solutions: We are particularly interested in innovative charging solutions that optimize AGV uptime. Your proposal should outline how your automated charging technology ensures seamless and efficient replenishment of AGV power levels.
  3. Integration and Compatibility: How your AGV system  can seamlessly integrate with Terminal Operating system
  4. Cost Analysis: Provide a transparent cost breakdown, including initial setup expenses, ongoing maintenance, and potential cost savings compared to traditional AGV systems.

For further information and submission of proposal, please email to [email protected]y. We look forward to receiving your proposals and exploring potential collaboration opportunities.