On 23rd December 2022, Westports has organized “Inovasi 2022 Award ceremony” at Dewan Budaya T.A.N.S.R.I.G. The events are to honour the top 15 winners out of the 66 projects submitted for the Port Innovation Project 2022, which were organised by the PIP Committee lead by Mr. Sase from Marketing Department. Dato’ K. Manoharan, Head of Security, Safety, and Corp Affairs Department, together with Mr. M. Nantha, General Manager of Marketing & Conventional Department, Mr. Puvan, Head of Engineering, Mr. Ahmad, Head of Port Project, Mr. Majdi (Vessel Operation Manager) and Mr. Wardi, Human Resource Manager presented the award and prizes to all winners. Congratulations to all the teams that has been participated. Well Done!!! List of winners as follows:

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